Q: How much does it cost to register my child for cheerleading?

A: To register your child in the Ravens cheer program the cost is TBD for cheerleaders.

Q: How old must my child be to cheer?

A: Cheerleaders must be 5 years old by July 31st to be eligible to cheer for the same season. The age limit is 14. 

Q: Which squad will my child be placed on?

A: The main criteria used to decide squad placement in the Cheer program is age.

*The age your child is considered for squad placement is the age they will be as of July 31st.


Squad Age as of JULY 31st


Flag  -  5 and 6

8 U -    7 and 8

10 U -  9 and 10

12 U - 11 and 12

Q: How do I register my child?

A: We will hold in-person registrations and also offer you the option to register your child online. We do recommend that you take advantage of in-person registration for cheerleaders so that we may take care of sizing your cheerleader at the same time. YOU CAN also register online.

Q: What do I need to turn in to the Ravens to complete my child’s registration?

A: The following items are to be turned in when you register your cheerleader in-person.

If you use online registration the following items are to be turned in when your cheerleader is sized.


RETURNING Raven Cheerleaders must turn in:

  • Recent photo (current school picture is preferred)

  • Metro Ethics Form – signed by a parent AND by the cheerleader (regardless of age)

NEW Raven Cheerleaders must turn in:

  • DMV ID or COPY of Birth Certificate and a recent picture.

  • Metro Ethics Form – signed by a parent AND by the cheerleader (regardless of age)





Q: When does the season begin?

A: Preseason begins with the 1st practice on August 6th 6:30pm.

Q: What is the practice schedule for cheerleading?

A: During the month of August all cheer squads practice Tuesday – Thursday. After Labor Day cheer squads will reduce to two (2) nights per week for regular practices. These nights are Tuesday and Thursday each week. On occasion a cheer squad may have an extra practice added at the discretion of the Head Coach.

Q: What time do the games start? What day are they played?

A: Games are played on Saturdays. Your child’s Head Coach will tell you what time your child will need to arrive at the field for pre-game warm-ups.

*The 1st two games of the day (Flag and 8u) are the only two games with definite start times – the remaining games begin at the conclusion of the prior game.


Squad Game Time (gameday order)


Flag - TBD

8 U - 

10 U

12 U


Q: Where are game schedules posted?

A: The game schedules and directions to host athletic fields are posted on the Ravens web site. You may also utilize Metro’s website:


Q: What if my daughter can’t make it to practice?

A: We know that things come up in life. We do ask that you make every effort to let your daughter’s Head Coach know ahead of time if your daughter is going to be absent. Halftime cheers, stunts, and dance routines are planned out with specific girls in specific places and it can be very difficult to make last minute changes. If your daughter misses a practice this does not mean that she will have to sit out for the upcoming game. She will still be able to cheer on the sidelines but may have to sit out for the halftime cheer. This will be handled on a case by case basis taking in to consideration any new moves learned or changes made to the routine during the practice missed.




Q: If it rains, will there be practice and/or games?

A: We will practice and/or play games as long as the fields are open and playable. Storms that develop during the course of a game or practice will be assessed as they happen. We are required to cancel practices/games if Henrico County has deemed our field unplayable. In the event of questionable weather, please utilize Henrico County field hotline phone number is 804-501-5132 for a list of field closings. This hotline is run by Henrico County, is updated once daily at 3:00 PM and is your fastest way to find out if practice is cancelled due to weather.



Q: Do I have to tryout to be a cheerleader with the Ravens?

A: No. We do not have any requirements other than excitement, an eagerness to try new things, and a readiness to learn.

Q: What skills can my daughter expect to learn while cheering with the Ravens?

A: Your daughter will learn sideline chants, cheers, jumps, and dance routines. We put all of this together in a package with a focus on teamwork skills, confidence building, and leadership development.



Q: What should be worn to cheer practice?

A: All cheerleaders should wear attire similar to what would be worn in gym class:

  • Warm weather: shorts without pockets, t-shirt, socks, and athletic tennis shoes (this is a safety rule and non-athletic tennis shoes will NOT be allowed).

  • Cooler weather: long sleeve shirts and “exercise-friendly” pants without pockets are appropriate.

  • Hair must always be off the shoulders and out of the face.

  • Jewelry is prohibited (for practices and games).

  • Denim is NOT allowed.



Q: What cheer equipment do the Ravens provide? What do we need to purchase?

A: We provide the game day uniform (shell and skirt)  When your daughter is sized for her uniform you will be provided with a complete list of prices for uniform pieces she must have (lollies, shoes, socks, crop top, hair bow, poms). We sell this additional equipment at cost as both a convenience to you and to ensure uniformity. Additional optional equipment may be purchased as well (duffel bag, practice clothing).

Q: We were rushing out of the house on game day and forgot part of my daughter’s uniform Does this mean she can’t cheer?

A: While we understand how easy it is for this to happen, we are bound by regulations of uniformity through the MYFL. If this happens we will make every effort to help you locate a “substitute” piece of uniform that your daughter can borrow for the game. If we can’t find a solution, as much as we hate it, your daughter will not be able to take the field with her squad. 



   Cheerleading Frequently Asked Questions


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